About Paramount Industries

Paramount’s first Craft Lite® lens was fabricated by B.R. Bailey, the company founder, in the family kitchen in January, 1947. Craft Lites were marketed by Floodlight Service, Inc. of Flint, Michigan, until Paramount Industries was incorporated in 1949. Our Croswell, Michigan, manufacturing plant was added in 1960. The company relocated entirely to the Croswell location in the late 1970s, settling in the thumb area near the blue water of Lake Huron. On April 5, 2019 Paramount became a brand of Bukas Lighting Group.

Innovation in Lighting Since 1947

Paramount has, for over 70 years, been an innovator in the lighting industry. We were the first to design and manufacture industrial lighting luminaires to be installed in the floors and assembly line pits of the automotive plants. We created the first parabolic louvered luminaires in 1958. Paramount was the first manufacturer to address the problems of veiling reflections in radar screens with a luminaire designed for FAA Control Centers in 1959.

Energy efficiency has always been a Paramount standard. We made electronic ballasts standard for fluorescent luminaires 10 years before it became law. We introduced one of the first industrial T5 troffers in North America. When we created the first paint booth lite with independent adjustable reflectors on each lamp, to direct light to the task, it allowed us to utilize T8 lamps instead of T12 VHO. With the lighting world transitioning to solid state technology, Paramount was committed to developing a LED product that was worthy of carrying the Paramount name. The result is our unique Starduster® LED series that are unmatched in the market. Our products have changed with the needs of the industry, but our commitment to quality is as durable as our luminaires.

Illuminating Your World

Our transit lighting products are in the tunnels and on the station platforms of subway and elevated trains in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, and Atlanta. We have produced special luminaires for schools and military’s shock zone test areas.

Many of our NSF Certified luminaires for food processing areas are custom designed and fabricated from stainless steel. We build cleanroom lighting for electronics manufacturers and laboratory work.

We have illuminated the mesocosm research area at the Smithsonian Institute, duplicating the Chesapeake Bay. We build hazardous location lighting Class I, Div. 2, as well as Class II, Div. 2.

Paramount offers a full line of marine lighting for ships and vessels. We were also contracted to produce luminaires for the oil rig Odyssey, the largest in the world, which was manufactured in Japan and towed to its location in the Gulf of Mexico. Custom luminaire fabrication is part and parcel to the Paramount workday. Engineering experience and manufacturing capabilities that can make it work. Value-engineering to fit the bill.

We have designed and developed luminaires for accelerated aging of pharmaceutical drugs, each unit having up to 56 lamps, three dimming control circuits and climate controlled housings for optimal lumen output. All Paramount luminaires are UL Listed and cUL Listed, and are built by experienced craftsmen.

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If ever there is a need to design and produce a luminaire for a tough application, please think of us. Turn to Paramount for High Performance Lighting for Specialized Environments.