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Paramount offers a wide variety of LED and fluorescent lighting options pertaining to Healthcare and Medical applications. For hospital surgical suite applications we offer our Surgical Series Flange/Grid troffers with acrylic radio frequency interference shielding lenses. This lens is specifically designed for supplemental surgical suite lighting that provides an asymmetrical distribution which directs maximum candle power to the surgical site area with typical luminaire layouts. This also allows for areas surrounding the surgical site to be generously illuminated.


Paramount is proud to announce the G7 Series Starduster® LED Surgical luminaire is a featured product on the homepage. This product listing will run from March 9th through March 22nd. When viewers click on the product photo, the link takes them directly to the G7 Series Starduster® LED Surgical troffer profile page on our website.


Paramount’s number one goal is a successful application, which results in satisfied customers! We hope you find this Lens Options information helpful when ordering our durable, high quality luminaires. As always we encourage contacting our Sales Department; we’ll be happy to assist with choosing the best Paramount luminaire and lens combination for your application.



Wikipedia defines Sustainable Lighting as: “lighting designed with energy efficient light sources” and also discusses “design strategies and materials that can facilitate energy saving advantages”. At Paramount, sustainable product design has always been an integral part of our long history, contributing to our quality reputation. Along with the cost savings realized from a long-term product investment, luminaires designed and built for longevity helps maintain a lower environmental impact.


Paramount’s Q3 Series Starduster® LED luminaire is the ultimate solution for wet, harsh environments! Designed and engineered with a compact 3″ diameter, impact modified acrylic tube (optional polycarbonate available) and heavy-duty stainless steel end caps. The Q3 Series is IP65 Rated, as well as IP67 Rated (fixture is tested submerged under water for 30 minutes). This small luminaire is suitable for a wide range of space restrictive applications where moisture and dust are present, and is also available for NSF Food Processing (Splash Zone) areas.



Paramount has over 70 years of lighting experience, and due to the success of our reliable/long-lasting products, our luminaires have gained a reputation for service in the most demanding applications. Each unit features high product integrity, plus the advantage of Paramount’s build-to-order customization, enabling luminaires to be tailored for individual atmospheres. We are continuously incorporating new technologies to increase efficiency and value.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (click photo for more info)



Paramount is proud to present another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery” featuring our rugged C-Series Starduster® LED luminaires utilized in Retail Lighting. Our luminaires feature high product integrity and promote a positive business image, as well as encouraging a welcome, safe environment. Due to the success of our long-lasting products, over the years Paramount luminaires have been specified in numerous public transportation, retail and commercial application projects. We continuously incorporate new technologies to include efficiency and added value.


This application photo series is from the University of Minnesota Ralph Rapson Hall. The facility renovation, as well as a 50,000 square-foot addition which houses the University of Minnesota School of Architecture, were designed by Steven Holl (with Vincent James Associates and Ellerbe Becket), for which Holl won a New York Chapter American Institute of Architects (AIA) design award.



Today Paramount Industries is taking you a step back in time (circa 1960), showcasing a severe lighting application. When safety and durability were major concerns, NASA chose Paramount to illuminate the rocket testing facility at Edwards AFB. Even after the June 8, 1960 explosion while testing the experimental X-15 Rocket Plane, Paramount’s pole mounted C8 Series Craft Lite® luminaires stood up to the challenge. Our products have changed with the needs of the industry, but our commitment to quality is as durable and long lasting as our luminaires.