Paramount Helps Keep Tampa On The Move…

Tampa, Florida has quite a tourist industry. Keeping them moving was a task that resulted in a stylish infrastructure addition.

The HART Line, Tampa’s transit authority, in conjunction with Tampa Electric Company, decided to build a new trolley line to extend from the docks on Tampa Bay to Ybor City. The new TECO line Streetcar system ( or ( would run three miles and require platforms built along the way. These were designed by Abell Garcia & Assoc., Architects from Tampa (

To light the platform shelters, they contacted Ed Iwanowski of Western Florida Lighting ( for help to find luminaires that were both salt water-resistant and vandal-resistant, and small enough to fit unobtrusively underneath the canopy structures.

Ed suggested Craft Lite® C2 series luminaires from Paramount Industries in Croswell, MI ( First introduced in 1947, Craft Lite® luminaires are still current with energy efficient electronic T8/T5 fluorescent technology, as well as Paramount’s new Startuster® LED product line. However, the core ruggedness of these products has never flagged. Exceptional durability provides trouble-free service while creating a pleasant and secure atmosphere.

Most of the twenty-nine Craft Lite® luminaires that were utilized featured T5/HO lamps. Ed commented that the lighting appeared to be well received. The five platforms were constructed in 2003.

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