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Presenting another addition to our “Weekly Application Photo Gallery”. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse areas Paramount has successfully illuminated. Our quality products, innovative technology, experience and service is second to none.

Application photos for this week are from Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fromerly Nabi Biopharmaceuticals), located in Boca Raton, Florida, They focus on developing vaccines and antibody-based products to prevent and treat infectious and addictive diseases. Paramount’s H9 Series Cube Lites with Sylvania’s ICETRON™ electrode-less fluorescent lamps were used in the freezer storage areas, which are required to maintain a constant -35°F. The low temperature starting capability and long life of the ICETRON™ lamps were a winning combination for the project. The Sales Representative was Power & Lighting Systems in Deerfield Beach (

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