Lighting is Paramount with Food Preparation…

When it comes to serving some of the best French and Japanese dishes in Los Angeles, proper lighting is of utmost importance. As you step foot inside of CHAYA, you will notice the modern and chic subtleties that are prevalent throughout the room. You help yourself to one of the twelve seats available at the sushi bar and watch as the CHAYA chefs prepare the best sushi you have ever had. You then decide to order an entrée and ask not what is good, but what is the best?

The CHAYA family of restaurants (owned and operated by the same family) have been around for 390 years in Japan, and over three decades in California. CHAYA began in the early 1600s as a teahouse along a mountain in Japan. In later years CHAYA became a Ryokan and was a gathering place for the royal court and government officials. In the 1980s, they turned their attention outwards to the United States and opened restaurants in California. Since then they have built up a reputation for high quality French & Japanese cuisine and have been featured by many news venues such as The New York Times, LA Weekly, and to name a few.

Quality Illumination for storing, preparing and handling of food

So to ask what is good at a CHAYA restaurant is an understatement. Preparing food for fine dining requires superb lighting, and with the illumination of Paramount’s G1 & G2 Series Grid Techniseal® Troffers, lighting is not an issue. Techniseal® luminaires are strategically placed throughout the kitchen, providing the lumens needed for storing, preparing or handling of food and beverages. The sales representative for this project was California Lighting Sales. Paramount Industries offers a wide variety of food processing lighting solutions that meet or exceed the most stringent National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements.

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Images and some content for this article courtesy of the CHAYA Restaurant Group.

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