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Croton-Harmon Maintenance Facility, New York

The Croton-Harmon Maintenance Facility located at Croton-on-Hudson, NY, has been servicing trains for more than a century, and undergoing renovations since 2001. The improvements were paramount, as prior to the renovation the tracks were not long enough to service an entire train at once. Extending the tracks to service an entire train will allow the maintenance yard to keep their 98% on time record.

C1 Series Shell Lite ideal for maintenance area

Paramount’s C1 Series Shell Lites were placed along the track extensions and pit areas, projecting light up towards the underbelly of the trains. This allowed maintenance workers to work hands free with ample amount of light. Due to the use of chemicals and debris in that area, the C1’s are ideal for this location as the luminaire is NEMA 4X Hose Down rated and UL/CUL Wet Location listed. In other locations throughout the maintenance facility, Paramount’s C4 & C5 Series Craft Lites® and K7 Series Corner Lites were utilized.

Low Profile C5 Series Craft Lites® provide ample clearance

K7 Series Corner Lites direct illumination were needed

Paramount is proud to have been part of the renovation/building process. The sales agent for this project was Lite Tech and the architect/design firm was STV, Inc. from New York, NY.

The following was directly quoted from: MTA Press Releases/August 15, 2011

Metro-North’s Newest Maintenance Shop Wins International Award for Design Excellence

MTA Metro-North Railroad’s newest heavy maintenance facility for the repair of locomotives and coaches has won a prestigious Brunel Award for design excellence. The facility, the Croton-Harmon Locomotive and Coach Shop, was designed for employee safety and comfort, as well as energy and operational efficiency.

The facility was honored by the Brunel Awards Jury in the competition hosted by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the International Union of Railways (UIC), which jointly announced the winners from 11 nations that have been recognized for design excellence in the 2011 Edition of the Brunel Awards International Railway Design Competition.

“Metro-North needed a 21st Century facility for a 21st Century fleet and that’s what we built at Harmon Yard.  It’s the largest engineering and construction project ever undertaken by the railroad,” said Metro-North President Howard Permut. “The bright, airy, clean, 200,000-square-foot facilities replaced a dank, hundred-year-old shop that was inefficient and inadequate for its skilled workforce.”

Images and some content for the above article courtesy of MTA, and quote from Howard Permut.

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