LAPD Headquarters in an Artistic Sense…

Not only does the Los Angeles Police Department maintain the peace in one of the largest and most highlighted cities in America, but they look good doing it! The 500,000 square foot administration building is one of the more artistically structured pieces of artwork in the area.

The architectural firms responsible for this award-winning building were AECOM and Roth Sheppard Architects. Objectives were surpassed with an open, welcoming design; as well as significant public amenities. Situated in the downtown center of government, the LAPD’s facilities share community surroundings with Los Angeles City Hall, the Los Angeles Times Building, and the California Department of Transportation District 7 Headquarters (CALTRANS). Following the City of Los Angeles desire to slash carbon emissions, this project achieved a LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.

The Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters utilized Paramount’s C0 Series Craft Lites® for illuminating the seating areas surrounding the building


Included at the new site are Paramount’s durable and compact C0 Series Craft Lites®. The luminaires are placed on the underside of benches located near the front corridor and at night, highlight the walkways and vegetation in the surrounding area. Also displaying a similar theme across the street are the benches at the Caltrans District 7 Headquarters where Paramount’s C2 Series Craft Lites® are featured on the bottom side of the benches (see that story HERE). Paramount’s C0 and C2 Series Craft Lites® are UL/CUL wet location listed specifically for the elements the luminaires will be exposed to. The lighting sales representative for this project was California Lighting Sales.

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