New York City Transit Maintenance & Service area uses Paramount’s Craft Lite® Luminaires…

Application Photo Gallery

Presenting another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery”. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse areas Paramount has successfully illuminated. Contact us for solutions to your lighting projects.

Paramount introduced the first fluorescent Craft Lite® enclosed and gasketed unit in 1947, but today models are also available with LED technology. This high performance lighting product has excelled in the most demanding situations; and has set the standard for use in abusive atmospheres such as this New York City Transit Maintenance & Service area shown above. Paramount’s sales representative for this area is Lite Tech.

Craft Lites® are ideal for a variety of public areas (a popular choice for vandal resistance), wet locations, hazardous locations, food processing and marine to name a few. Our products have changed with the needs of industry, but our commitment to quality is as durable and long lasting as our luminaires. Contact us for “High Performance Lighting Solutions”.

C4 Series Craft Lite®
C5 Series Craft Lite®


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