Wet Location Definitions…


NEC Definitions:

From the National Electric Code

Dry Locations:
A location not normally subject to dampness or wetness. A location classified as dry may be temporarily subject to dampness or wetness, as in the case of a building under construction.

Damp Location:
Locations protected from weather and not subject to saturation with water or other liquids but subject to moderate degrees of moisture. Examples of such locations include partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, roofed open porches, and like locations, and interior locations subject to moderated degrees of moisture, such as some basements, some barns, and some cold storage buildings.

Wet Locations:
Installations underground or in concrete slabs or masonry in  direct contact with the earth; in locations subject to saturation with water or other liquids, such as vehicle washing areas; and in unprotected locations exposed to weather.

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UL Definitions:

From UL Standards Publication 1598

Dry Locations:
A location not normally subject to dampness, but may include a location subject to temporary dampness, as in the case of a building under construction, provided ventilation is adequate to prevent an accumulation of moisture.

Damp Location:
An exterior or interior location that is normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture in, on, or adjacent to, electrical equipment, and includes partially protected locations.

Wet Locations:
A location in which water or other liquid can drip, splash, or flow on or against electrical equipment.

A wet location luminaire shall be constructed to prevent the accumulation of water on live parts, electrical components, or conductors not identified for use in contact with water.

A luminaire that permits water to enter the luminaire (during the rain test of Clause 16.5.2 or the sprinkler test of Clause 16.5.3) shall be provided with a drain hole (Clause 13.4.3).

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A) Wet and Damp Locations

Luminaires installed in wet or damp locations shall be installed such that water cannot enter or accumulate in wiring compartments, lampholders, or other electrical parts.  All luminaires installed in wet locations shall be marked, “Suitable for Wet Locations”. All luminaires installed in damp locations shall be marked, “Suitable for Wet Locations” or “Suitable for Damp Locations”.

B) Corrosive Locations

Luminaires installed in corrosive locations shall be of a type suitable for such locations.

C) In Ducts or Hoods

Luminaires shall be permitted to be installed in commercial cooking hoods where all of the following conditions are met.

1) The luminaire shall be identified for the use within commercial cooking hoods and installed so that the temperature limits of the materials used are not exceeded.

2) The luminaire shall be constructed so that all exhaust vapors, grease, oil or cooking vapors are excluded from the lamp and wiring compartment.
Diffusers shall be resistant to thermal shock.

3) Parts of the luminaire exposed within the hood shall be corrosion resistant or protected against corrosion, and the surface shall be smooth so as not to collect deposits and facilitate cleaning.

4) Wiring methods and materials supplying the luminaire(s) shall not be exposed within the cooking hood.

D) Bathtub and Shower Areas

No parts of cord connected luminaires, chain-, cable-, or cord-suspended luminaires, lighting track, pendants, or ceiling-suspended(paddle) fans shall be located within a zone measured 900 mm (3ft) horizontally and 2.5 m (8ft) vertically  from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold. This zone is all encompassing and includes the space directly over the tub or shower stall.Luminaires located within the actual outside dimension of the bathtub or shower to a height of 2.5 m (8ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower threshold shall be marked for damp locations, or marked for wet locations where subject to shower spray.

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Paramount’s largest selection of luminaires are UL Listed for Wet Locations. According to the NEC, luminaires marked “Suitable for Wet Locations” are for installation underground, in concrete slabs or masonry, subjected to water spray (such as vehicle washing areas) or subjected to rain. Paramount lighting products have been subjected to UL’s rain test and/or sprinkler test to determine that they are suitable for use in wet locations.

An ordinary wet location luminaire is constructed so water is prevented from accumulating on live parts, electric components or conductors. Luminaires that allow water to enter must provide drain holes to prevent accumulation. Rating systems, such as the IP Code (for Ingress Protection) classify degrees of protection from moisture.

We also continue to improve and expand our products. A number of our luminaires now carry IP ratings, and the list is growing. For more information on wet locations and IP ratings, see the technical information found here.

Mounting orientation is very critical when installing a luminaire in a wet environment. Even though most of Paramount’s luminaires are designed for covered ceiling installations, modified designs are available for alternate mounting orientations. Choose from LED, fluorescent, or HID light sources, with surface, flange or grid mounting. Customized luminaires are also available.

Paramount has an extensive product line for Wet & Damp locations, available in Light Emitting Diode (LED), Fluorescent and H.I.D. technologies. A few of our more popular luminaires include…


Paramount’s Craft Lite® line is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, a very popular choice for harsh environments
Paramount’s Techniseal® Troffer line is available in many sizes and offers Surface, Flange and Grid mounting configurations
Paramount’s C1 Series Shell Lite is surface or chain mounted and features NEMA 4X Hose Down
Paramount’s FJ9 Series luminaire had extensive water testing done to achieve UL Commercial Cooking Hood label, performance characteristics similar to IP-67
Paramount’s Corner Lite series is a popular choice and available in stainless steel construction for harsh environments
Paramount’s Tuff Lite series features one piece fiberglass construction with an Acrylic or Polycarbonate lens option and is IP65 rated
Paramount’s H3 Series Low Profile Square is a surface mounted HID luminaire, often ordered in stainless steel for durability, and has several lens options. Many other HID models are available for Wet & Damp locations


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