Starduster® & Craft Lite® C-Series In-Row Details…

Paramount’s optional In-Row (-M3) luminaires explained…

Paramount’s C4 Series Craft Lites® mounted In-Row | CTfastrak Rapid Transit System | Hartford, CT | Public Transit System


For C-Series luminaires, INDIVIDUAL UNITS ARE STANDARD and are supplied with a continuously welded hub in the ends. If In-Row mounting is desired, add -M3 to the model number and supply ROW configuration.

Paramount’s individual units are supplied with continuously welded hubs

When ordering C-Series Starduster® or Craft Lite® luminaires, help us process the order quickly by designating if these luminaires are mounting IN-ROW or as INDIVIDUAL units. Why do we need to know IN-ROW information when processing these orders? Paramount C-Series luminaires are manufactured with a continuously welded hub (see photo above) in the ends which provide a sealed wire way access. Therefore, they are NOT interchangeable in the field because the hub is welded in place and cannot be removed. By supplying ROW INFORMATION upon ordering, it will guarantee a timely delivery and allow the order to quickly move through our system. Refer to the helpful IN-ROW Worksheet located on our website under Tech References.

The -M3 In-Row Joiner Band detail


The C-Series Starduster® & Craft Lite® In-Row option (designated by adding a -M3 to the model number) is a feature which separates Paramount from other competitors’ luminaires. These specially designed luminaires have a unique, integral means of attaching consecutive fixtures utilizing aligner pins and plastic grommets (see photo below). This method of attachment, along with a gasketed stainless steel joiner band, achieves the alignment and integrity of a single fixture. Paramount recommends only surface mounting for the In-Row option. Note: In-Row option NOT available for the C1 Series luminaires.


Components utilized in Paramount’s -M3 In-Row Option for C-Series luminaires
Paramount’s C8 Series Craft Lites® mounted In-Row | Gateway Aquatic Center | Ketchikan, Alaska | Pool Lighting
Paramount’s C4 Series Craft Lites® mounted In-Row | CTfastrak Rapid Transit System | Hartford, CT | Public Transit System


Let us answer any additional In-Row Mounting questions you may have, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.

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