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Application Photo Gallery

Our “Application Photo Gallery” for this blog features Cleanroom illumination. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse areas Paramount has successfully illuminated. Contact us for solutions to your lighting projects.

Cleanrooms are defined spaces in which the concentration of airborne particles are controlled to meet specific cleanliness classes. This is normally handled through positive air pressure ventilation. Cleanliness classes range from the most clean (ISO 1) to the least clean (ISO 9). Paramount’s cleanroom luminaires are designed and built to the most exacting standards, for high illumination with integrity.

The upper main photo features Paramount’s Aerolux® fixtures utilized by Seagate Corporation, located in Singapore. The lower photos are Paramount’s Techniseal® Troffer fixtures utilized by Alcon Manufacturing in Huntington, WV.

Paramount’s Cleanroom Luminaires

AeroLux® and Minilux® surface luminaires:
  • Tear-drop design for laminar airflow cleanrooms
  • Classes 10-100,000 (ISO Classes 4-9)
  • Highly efficient light control lens minimizes light on the ceiling
  • Innovative lens mounting eases lamp and ballast servicing
Paramount’s A1 Series AeroLux® Luminaire
Paramount’s A9 Series Minilux® Luminaire


Techniseal® Troffers:
  • Classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9)
  • Totally sealed luminaires, IP-65 rated versions available
  • Extruded aluminum or one-piece stainless steel lens frames
  • Gel-type grid system models available
  • High efficiency Flow-Thru units suitable for most HEPA or ULPA filters (Classes 10-100,000; ISO Classes 4-9)
  • Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating available
F0 Series 9” Flange Techniseal® Troffer


Techniseal® Surgical Suite Illumination:
  • Classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9)
  • Asymmetric and Symmetrical distribution lens
  • Radio frequency interference shielding available
  • Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating available
F7 Series 2x Surgical Flange Techniseal® Troffer


Starduster® LED luminaires for Cleanroom:

Paramount’s Starduster® LED line of products are high quality solid state technology luminaires. Emergency drivers are available for most models. The standard recessed Starduster® Flange and Grid troffers are Type IC and have 0-10V dimming standard with DALI and other control options available. The surface mounted A1 Series and A9 Series are designed for HEPA filter grid ceiling; surface, cable, or pendant options are available.

A1 Series Starduster® LED
A9 Series Starduster® LED
F0 Series Starduster® 9” Flange Techniseal® LED Troffer


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