Paramount’s Flange vs Grid Techniseal® luminaire details…

Paramount’s Techniseal® Flange & Grid mount luminaires are engineered and built for specific ceilings, therefore they cannot be modified and are NOT interchangeable. Please be sure to check ceiling details before placing an order (or quoting, if possible) so the luminaires Paramount builds will fit correctly, resulting in a successful application.



Paramount’s Flange Mount Techniseal® luminaires


Paramount’s standard Techniseal® Flange Series is designed to seal to the bottom edge of a hard lid or drywall ceiling surface by tightening the adjustable swing bars.


Paramount’s Grid Mount Techniseal® luminaires


Paramount’s Techniseal® Grid Series is designed to seal to the T-Bar ceiling material. Our standard troffer is built for a 1″ (15/16″) T-Bar and requires no grid suffix be added to the part number. If the grid system requires the -G1, -G2, -G4 or -G5 option, please supply the grid manufacturer & model number when ordering.



Custom Flange Mount luminaires used in Transit Lighting | Chicago, IL
Grid Mounted Techniseal® luminaires used in Restaurant Lighting | Los Angeles, CA
Grid Mounted Techniseal® luminaires used in a Cleanroom Research Facility | Japan


Let us answer any additional Techniseal® luminaire questions you may have, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.


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