Paramount’s Medical / Healthcare Lighting, providing exceptional illumination for demanding conditions…


Medical / Healthcare Lighting

Paramount offers a wide variety of LED and fluorescent lighting options pertaining to Healthcare and Medical applications. For hospital surgical suite applications we offer our Techniseal® Flange/Grid troffers with acrylic radio frequency interference shielding lenses. This lens is specifically designed for supplemental surgical suite lighting that provides an asymmetrical distribution which directs maximum candle power to the surgical site area with typical luminaire layouts. This also allows for areas surrounding the surgical site to be generously illuminated.


PAMC (Providence Alaska Medical Center) | Anchorage, Alaska


Our Techniseal® troffers are totally sealed with an IP-65 rated version available, with cleanliness classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9) suitable for most HEPA or ULPA filters. As an added plus we also offer Guardcraft® Antimicrobial coating which can be applied to our luminaires for added protection from contaminants in Cleanroom, Medical or other applications. Use of the Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating with nano silver technology kills over 99% of common microbes protecting the product from fungal damage and odor-causing bacteria. Silver nano particles approximately 1000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair are evenly dispersed throughout the coating to provide long term protection.


MultiCare Covington Medical Center | Covington, Washington


Paramount has provided lighting for hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, doctor’s offices, research/testing facilities and laboratories that require all different types of UL classifications and labeling. A few examples are:

  • PAMC (Providence Alaska Medical Center) Cath Lab –  Anchorage, Alaska
        F7 Series-2X2 Surgical Flange Techniseal® Troffers
  • Harper Central Pharmacy – Centerline, Michigan
        R7 Series-1×4 Low Profile Grid Techniseal® Troffers
  • VA Hospital Berg Building – Denver, Colorado
        C2 Series Craft Lite’s®
        FF0 Series Food Zone Flange Techniseal® Troffers
  • Mercy Medical Hall – Perrine Center (Hospital Kitchen) Cedar Rapids, Iowa
        SC3 Series Craft Lite’s® NSF Splash Zone

From simple entryway, cafeteria or surgical suite lighting, Paramount offers a wide variety of fluorescent and LED models to complete a successful application.


Providence Medford Medical Center | Medford, Oregon



Paramount’s high performance lighting is designed to excel in the most demanding situations. Find our durable products in…

  • Building Entries
  • Covered Walkways
  • Hallways / Stairways
  • Escalators / Lobbies
  • Parking Decks
  • Tunnels / Corridors
  • Kitchens
  • Dining areas
  • Locker Rooms / Bathrooms
  • Examination Rooms
  • Physical Therapy / Exercise Rooms
  • Genetic Research facilities
  • Operating Rooms / Surgical Suites
  • Collaboration Areas
  • Maintenance facilities


University of Michigan Biomedical Science Research Building | Ann Arbor, Michigan


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