Discover a wealth of lighting information in the LEARN section of Paramount’s website…

Discover a wealth of lighting information in the LEARN section of Paramount’s website. This is an area where we showcase a variety of things from product information, announcements, current news, application photos, technical data, and successful application stories… just to name a few. And for your convenience, all of Paramount’s “Application Photo Gallery” weekly email series are also located there.

Navigating to the LEARN section is only a single click from our website homepage. Viewers will be taken to the main “Commercial & Industrial Lighting Blog” page shown above. On the right hand side it features some quick links, making it easy to locate specific content. The first item is the SUBSCRIBE button, which we strongly encourage everyone to click on! After filling in your contact information, you will receive a conformation email to complete the subscription. Subscribers will then receive a courtesy email every time new content has been added.

The POPULAR POSTS will list stories that have received a high number of viewers, and listed for quick reference. The CATEGORIES section will be a popular way to “drill down” to specific stories and content. Each blog entry will fall into a category, with new categories being added in the future, so always check there first.

We hope the LEARN section of Paramount’s website will become a place we can all come together to share and gain knowledge of everything related to lighting. We encourage you to help us make this a successful resource. Contact us with product usage information, successful application stories, and share application photos… something everyone enjoys viewing!


Innovation Since 1947

Paramount started designing & building quality lighting products in 1947, and have built a strong reputation based on delivery, service and reliability. All of our products are manufactured in the USA with components manufactured from US suppliers. Contact us for solutions to your Custom Lighting projects.



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