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When it comes to Harsh Environments, don’t risk safety and downtime with unproven products. Always play it safe, check the reputation of the manufacturer and see how long they have been in business. Paramount is an innovator in the lighting industry with an extensive history in luminaire design, aimed at solving the most difficult applications! Our commitment to providing quality lighting products that not only excel in the environments they are placed in, but are also produced with the highest quality materials available, assuring long life.

And for Hazardous environments, Paramount manufactures LED, Fluorescent and HID luminaires listed by Underwriters Laboratories as suitable for use in the following classified environments:


Please note that equipment suitable for one class and group is not necessarily suitable for any other class and group. To protect against explosions in hazardous locations, all luminaires exposed to the hazardous atmospheres are required to be suitable for each location. Do not take for granted that luminaires suitable for Class I use are also suitable for Class ll use. Grain dust, for example, will ignite at a temperature lower than most flammable vapors.

Croton-Harmon Maintenance Facility | Croton-on-Hudson, NY | Train Maintenance Facility (click photos for more info)


Our factory is located in Croswell, Michigan and we are a “Made in the USA” company. If ever there is a need to design and produce a luminaire for a tough application, please think of Paramount. We provide premium, long-lasting lighting products accompanied with helpful, personal customer service. Give us a call to see how we can assist you in finding the best lighting solution for your challenging applications.

The photos throughout this blog post are from Croton-Harmon Maintenance Facility, located at Croton-on-Hudson, NY. This project was specified by Lite Tech and the architect/design firm was STV, Inc. from New York, NY. Paramount’s C4 & C5 series Craft Lites®, C1 series Shell Lites, and K7 series Corner Lites were utilized in this train maintenance facility.


Croton-Harmon Maintenance Facility | Croton-on-Hudson, NY | Train Maintenance Facility (click photos for more info)


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