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Paramount Industries is proud to announce our new Q3 Series Starduster® LED luminaire listed in LD+A Magazine’s MarketPlace section, located on page 51. LD+A is a magazine which provides vital information to professionals involved in all aspects of lighting. It is published by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) who, for over 100 years, has been the recognized technical and educational authority on illumination.



Paramount’s NEW Q3 Series Starduster® LED is the Ultimate Solution for Harsh Environments and NSF Food Processing.This small, compact luminaire is IP67 Rated and IP65 Rated, suitable for a wide range of applications where moisture and dust are present. The round shape and smooth surfaces excel in many applications due to easy cleanability and resistance to debris collecting on the surface. The small 3″ diameter size allows this luminaire to fit into tight spaces, and can be ordered with optional uplight/downlight configurations. The Q3 Series is available in two, four and eight foot lengths and can be chain suspended or wall mounted. See the Q3 Series Starduster® LED specification sheet for more details.

The NEW Q3 Series Starduster® LED


Our factory is located in Croswell, Michigan and we are a “Made in the USA” company. If ever there is a need to design and produce a luminaire for a tough application, please think of us. Turn to Paramount for High Performance Lighting for Specialized Environments.

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