Using Paramount’s Brands & Trademarks as Marketing tools…


Branding & trademarks are important marketing tools that help distinguish products from the competition. They build individual product identity, reinforce value & trust, and create brand loyalty… helping generate repeat sales! A strong brand name sets products apart in a densely crowded marketplace.

Paramount Industries has numerous well known brands it uses, many of which are registered trademarks. These premium brands offer incredible value in the marketplace when touted and promoted, as well as helping lock-in bids and quotes. In a crowded lighting industry (with increasing foreign competition) utilizing and promoting our luminaire brands will differentiate Paramount’s quality products from substandard imitators.

We encourage you to take advantage of Paramount’s reputation for premium lighting products by calling out and using our Brand names. Our luminaires are locally manufactured by a skilled union workforce in the United States of America, with components & materials from U.S. suppliers. If ever there is a need to design and produce a luminaire for a tough application, please think of us. Turn to Paramount for High Performance Lighting Solutions.


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