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Paramount has been a leading supplier of lighting for the marine industry for many years. Our quality products, innovative technology, experience and excellent service is second to none. For both custom and standard applications, our luminaires meet design challenges and generate high levels of illumination. This is why our lighting products can be found in service on waterways throughout the world.

Whether surface-mount (like our popular Craft Lite® models) or flange-mount, every Paramount luminaire receives the same high level of finish to enhance appearance and assure durability. All luminaires are corrosion-resistant, and most are also available in stainless steel.


Many of our low profile luminaires are ideal for marine use as they allow for more passageway clearance. We also utilize the latest electronic technologies to improve efficiency, reliability and less weight… contributing to fuel savings aboard ships. Count on Paramount for the quality products, information and service you need, plus on-time delivery! Contact us for solutions to all your Marine Lighting projects.


Paramount’s high performance lighting is designed to excel in your most demanding marine situations. Find our quality products in:

      • Freighters
      • Tugs
      • Ferries
      • Docks
      • Military Vessels
      • Shipyards
      • Oil Platforms


In those settings, our products are utilized for:

      • Wheelhouses
      • Passenger Decks
      • Holds
      • Passageways
      • Engine Rooms
      • Maintenance facilities


Col. Frank X. Arminger ferry | RF9 Series & L1 Series (click image for more info)


Supply Runner Ship | MC6 & MC5 Series Craft Lites® (click image for more info)


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