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Lighting for sports arenas, water parks, gymnasiums, pools or any other type of recreational facility should enhance the participants overall experience; as well as provide reliable, durable, long-lasting illumination. At Paramount we offer high quality LED, Fluorescent or HID luminaires to meet the unique lighting challenges of these demanding public facilities. Our luminaires feature high product integrity and promote a welcome and safe environment. Paramount also offers customized luminaires, creating dramatic lighting effects for individualized atmospheres. We continuously incorporate new technologies to include efficiency and value.

Kauffman Stadium | Kansas City, MO | Stadium Lighting | C4 & C7 Series Craft Lites® (click photo for more info)

The Craft Lite® series is our most popular product line in Sports/Recreational areas due to its heavy-duty enclosed and gasketed construction. There are several lens options to choose from depending on what your application requires.  The “C” series is also available with “in-row” configuration, free of charge. The Starduster® “C” series shares the same durable, quality housing construction, but is supplied with our unique LED technology.

Browning Elementary School | Sterling Heights, MI | Gymnasium/Sports Lighting | R7 Series Techniseal® (click photo for more info)
Gateway Aquatic Center | Ketchikan, Alaska | Pool Lighting | C8 Series Craft Lites® (click photo for more info)


Some of Paramount’s successful applications utilizing our Craft Lite® series for Sports/Recreation are listed below:


  • Gateway Aquatic Center – Ketchikan, Alaska (site link)

       C8 Series- 8’ T5/HO Tandem Craft Lite® (in-row)

       C4 Series- 4’ T8 Craft Lite® (in-row)

       C4 Series- 6’ T8 Craft Lite® Custom (in-row)

       C8 Series- 8’ T8 Craft Lite® Custom (in-row)

  • Kauffman (Royals) Stadium – Kansas City, Missouri (site link)

       C7 Series- 2’ T5 Craft Lite® Custom Aluminum & Paint

       C7 Series- 4’ T5 Craft Lite® Custom Aluminum & Paint


Other luminaires available specifically for Sports & Recreational lighting applications are the Y2 and Y4 Gymnasium Lite series, and Y6-Recreation Lite. All are UL Listed and covered under Paramount’s 5 year limited warranty.

Rely on Paramount for the information and service you need, plus on-time delivery and dependability. Our luminaires are locally manufactured by a skilled union workforce in the United States of America. Contact us to see how we can assist you in finding the best lighting solution for all your Sports/Recreational lighting needs.


Kauffman Stadium | Kansas City, MO | Stadium Lighting | C4 & C7 Series Craft Lites® (click photo for more info)
Charleston Park | Naples, FL | Vandal Resistant Sports Lighting | S8 Series (click photo for more info)
Yankee Stadium | Bronx, New York | Stadium Lighting | C4 & C8 Series Craft Lites®


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