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Rethinking Booth Lighting Design

Our industry traditionally approached booth lighting by pumping out large quantities of ambient light, achieving only adequate levels at the task surface. Failing to control light wastes energy. But if it were directed to the task, less energy would be required.


Paramount’s Rear Access RA Series Booth Lites | Fiat Chrysler LLC | Michigan


We worked closely with automobile manufacturers to develop luminaires that direct light where it is needed most, while maximizing efficiency potential. This reduces consumption without jeopardizing the quantity and quality of light on the


Paramount’s Rear Access RA Series Booth Lites | Honda of America | Ohio
Paramount’s Front Access FA Series Booth Lites | Fiat Chrysler LLC | Michigan



The key is an adjustable specular reflector system with each individual lamp. This innovation allows the same unit to be used in various locations, eliminating multiple luminaires for multiple tasks. It also simplifies selecting the appropriate luminaire for your booth application. Several models have this reflector system available.





Paramount Booth Luminaire Features:


  • Front Access models

  • Rear Access models

  • Standard Fixed Reflector

  • Optional Adjustable Specular Reflector System (only available on some models)

  • UL Listed for use in paint spray booths

  • UL 844 Listed for Class I, Div. 2 and Class II, Div. 2

  • Silicone-free construction

  • Energy efficient

  • Stainless steel mounting flange, custom flange available

Paramount’s Unique Adjustable Specular Reflector System


Paramount Industries has a long history of collaborating with engineers of major automotive manufactures, helping to create successful lighting solutions for challenging booth applications (in addition to many other special environments). We offer a variety of standard sizes in both front and rear access models, as well as available custom designs. Contact our helpful sales team for solutions to your tough booth lighting needs.


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