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Today Paramount Industries is taking you a step back in time (circa 1960), showcasing a severe lighting application. When safety and durability were major concerns, NASA chose Paramount to illuminate the rocket testing facility at Edwards AFB. Even after the June 8, 1960 explosion while testing the experimental X-15 Rocket Plane, Paramount’s pole mounted C8 Series Craft Lite® luminaires stood up to the challenge. Our products have changed with the needs of the industry, but our commitment to quality is as durable and long lasting as our luminaires.

Paramount has over 70 years of lighting experience, and many of the quality luminaires we manufactured in our early years are still in service today! With energy conscious light sources (especially our unique Starduster® LED technology), outstanding customer service, and products proudly Made in the USA by a skilled union workforce … it’s a winning combination resulting in high customer satisfaction!


One of the early company logos


Paramount aspires to be your go-to manufacture with simple, easy solutions to your lighting needs. Give us a call or visit our website to see how we can assist you in finding the best lighting solution for all your tough applications.



Edwards Air Force Base, Kern County, California | X-15 Rocket Plane Testing Facility
Edwards Air Force Base, Kern County, California | X-15 Rocket Plane Testing Facility



Paramount’s C8 Series luminaires were pole mounted to illuminate the rocket testing facility at Edwards Air Force Base (click photo for C-Series info)



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