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Paramount is proud to present another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery” featuring our rugged C-Series Starduster® LED luminaires utilized in Retail Lighting. Our luminaires feature high product integrity and promote a positive business image, as well as encouraging a welcome, safe environment. Due to the success of our long-lasting products, over the years Paramount luminaires have been specified in numerous public transportation, retail and commercial application projects. We continuously incorporate new technologies to include efficiency and added value.

These photos are from the 220,000 square foot Scheels Sporting Goods store in Lincoln, NE. This mega-store has been described as the “Disneyland of sporting goods”, and is nearly three times larger than the store it replaced. Amenities include an indoor 65 foot Ferris wheel, 16,000 gallon salt water aquarium, a mini bowling alley, shooting gallery and restaurant to name a few. Another popular attraction is the “taxidermy mountain” with about 180 different animals situated on it, and approximately 200 other mounted animals throughout the store. Scheels will be opening a new store soon in The Colony, TX, additional info here.



Paramount’s durable, surface mounted C8 Series Starduster® LED luminaires were utilized in the main central atrium, enhancing the entertainment/shopping experience. These commercial luminaires not only have a reputation of durable quality, their streamline style makes them fashionable with the ongoing retro-trends in modern architecture. The C-Series family is also available with “in-row” configuration, as well as the distinctive SQUARE C-Series option, the designers’ choice for contemporary architectural applications.

Rely on Paramount for the information and service you need, plus on-time delivery and dependability. Our luminaires are locally manufactured by a skilled union workforce in the United States of America. Contact us to see how we can assist you in finding the best lighting solution for all your challenging lighting needs.


Paramount’s C8 Series Starduster® LED Luminaire


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