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Paramount is proud to announce the G7 Series Starduster® LED Surgical luminaire is a featured product on the homepage. This product listing will run from March 9th through March 22nd. When viewers click on the product photo, the link takes them directly to the G7 Series Starduster® LED Surgical troffer profile page on our website.

The G7 Surgical Series is part of a family of luminaires designed for spectrally-sensitive applications such as Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Testing & Laboratory, as well as Safety & Security sensitive areas. These products are specifically designed to provide optimal lighting for special environments, and some models are available with our Guardcraft® Antimicrobial Coating.

With Paramount’s new beginning as a brand of HazLoc Industries, LLC, we’re looking forward to a revitalization of new product offerings with intensified marketing and sales programs. Building on our long, innovative history in the lighting industry, Paramount aspires to be your go-to manufacture with simple, easy solutions to your lighting needs. Paramount luminaires are locally manufactured by a skilled union workforce in the United States of America, with components & materials from US suppliers. Give us a call or visit our website to see how we can assist you in finding the best lighting solution for unique environments.



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G7 Series Starduster® Surgical Grid Troffer

G7 Series Green-White Starduster® Surgical Grid Troffer

G2 Series Red-White Starduster® Grid Troffer

 F7 Series Starduster® Surgical Flange Troffer

F7 Series Green-White Starduster® Surgical Flange Troffer

F2 Series Red-White Starduster® Grid Troffer



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