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Paramount offers a wide variety of Food Processing luminaires that meet or exceed the most stringent National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements. Paramount’s NSF Certified models make it easy to maintain sanitary conditions. All seams are sealed, preventing the growth of bacteria. Generally lighting used in food preparation facilities only requires Splash Zone / Non-Food Zone certification (Paramount’s S prefix). Carefully check the application requirements and specify models properly equipped with the appropriate prefix.


Hillshire Farms – Tyson | C1 Series LED Starduster® (click photo for more info)


The NSF mark is widely recognized in Food Processing



As an added plus Paramount also offers Guardcraft® Antimicrobial coating which can be applied to our luminaires for added protection from contaminants. The Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating with nano silver technology kills over 99% of common microbes, protecting the product from fungal damage and odor-causing bacteria. Paramount provides the best combination of quality, design, technology and craftsmanship.


Chaya Restaurant | G2 Series Techniseal® (click photo for more info)


The categories Paramount luminaires are available for:


  • Food Zone – Surfaces in which food normally has direct contact, and surfaces from which food may drain, drip or splash back onto surfaces normally in contact with food, which will be consumed. Equipment certified for Food Zone use must have all exposed surfaces made of stainless steel. The premium quality of these products is prerequisite for maximum health protection of consumers. (Use F prefix)
  • Splash Zone – Surfaces outside the Food Zone subject to routine splash, spillage or other soiling with normal use. Luminaires in this zone do not have direct contact with food. In other words, material that contacts these luminaires will be discarded – it will not be eaten by people. (Use S prefix, generally used for luminaires)
  • Non-Food Zone – All exposed surfaces other than Food or Splash Zone. (Paramount services this standard with the more stringent Splash Zone, please use S prefix)


21st Amendment Brewery | C2 Series LED Starduster® (click photo for more info)


Typical Applications

  • Meat processing facilities
  • Packaged goods food processing
  • Inspection areas
  • Dairy pasteurization & processing
  • Beverage bottling plants
  • Institutional kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Breweries


Tyson Foods | Poultry Processing Facility | Paramount’s L Series luminaires (click photo for more info)


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