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Biomedical, Laboratory & Medical Lighting


Paramount offers a wide variety of LED and fluorescent lighting options pertaining to Biomedical/Laboratory and Medical applications. Many of these scientific research applications require a cleanroom controlled environment. Paramount offers a full line of luminaires specifically designed to excel in these applications.


University of Michigan Biomedical Science Research Building | Ann Arbor, Michigan



Paramount’s Biomedical/Laboratory/Testing luminaires are part of a family of products designed for spectrally-sensitive locations, as well as Safety & Security sensitive areas. Our troffer models are totally sealed with an IP-65 rated version available, cleanliness classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9) suitable for most HEPA or ULPA filters. For extra protection we offer models with acrylic radio frequency interference shielding lenses.



PAMC (Providence Alaska Medical Center) | Anchorage, Alaska



As an added plus we also offer Guardcraft® Antimicrobial coating which can be applied to our luminaires for added protection from contaminants in Testing/Medical applications. Use of the Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating with nano silver technology kills over 99% of common microbes protecting the product from fungal damage and bacteria. Silver nano particles approximately 1000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair are evenly dispersed throughout the coating to provide long term protection.



Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation | Develops Vaccines and Antibody-based Products | Boca Raton, Florida



Paramount has a long history of providing safe lighting for hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, doctor’s offices, research/testing facilities and laboratories that require all different types of UL classifications and labeling. From simple entryway, cafeteria, surgical suite or laboratory lighting, Paramount offers a wide variety of luminaires designed for optimal lighting in special environments. Give us a call or visit our website to see how we can assist you in finding the best lighting solution for all your applications.



Donald W. Reynolds Center for Genetic Research | Oklahoma City, OK



Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating with nano silver technology kills over 99% of common microbes



Alcon Research Ltd. | Vision Research & Development | Huntington, WV




Paramount’s high performance lighting is designed to excel in the most demanding situations. Find our durable products in…


      • Laboratories / Biomedical Testing facilities
      • Pharmaceutical facilities
      • Genetic Research facilities
      • Operating Rooms / Surgical Suites
      • Examination Rooms
      • Spectrally-Sensitive applications
      • Building Entries
      • Covered Walkways
      • Hallways / Stairways
      • Escalators / Lobbies
      • Parking Decks
      • Tunnels / Corridors
      • Kitchens
      • Dining areas
      • Locker Rooms / Bathrooms
      • Physical Therapy / Exercise Rooms
      • Collaboration Areas
      • Maintenance facilities



A few of our Medical, Research & Testing Luminaires include…

(Click images below for more information)


G7 Series Starduster® Surgical Grid Troffer

G7 Series Green-White Starduster® Surgical Grid Troffer

G2 Series Red-White Starduster® Grid Troffer

 F7 Series Starduster® Surgical Flange Troffer

F7 Series Green-White Starduster® Surgical Flange Troffer

F2 Series Red-White Starduster® Grid Troffer



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