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When a state office building in downtown Los Angeles started out as a canvas on which to create significant architectural design, and then utilized unique lighting to create dramatic visual effects, it’s no surprise when it becomes a national iconic landmark. Not only has the California Department of Transportation District 7 headquarters (CALTRANS) become the crown jewel of Los Angeles, but it has been a popular backdrop for countless movies, commercials and television shows. The design and construction of this striking 13-story structure was documented on the History Channel to reveal the challenges presented in the creation of a large building with unique design & style characteristics in a multi-function space.

Paramount’s C2 Series Craft Lite® luminaires were utilized in the “Skip Stop” stair areas inside the building, CALTRANS District 7 Headquarters


The project architectural firm was Morphosis, located in Los Angeles, and won its designer, Thom Mayne, the Pritzker Prize. The project architect was Pavel Getov and project manager Silvia Kuhle. Contracting was handled by the Clark Construction Group. At night the structure is distinctly visible thanks to the artistry of the lighting design firm Horton Lees Brogden. Working with principal Teal Brogden, the lighting concept for the Caltrans project was created and implemented by project manager/senior designer Heather Libonati and Emily Koonce. The Paramount sales representative for this project was CLS (California Lighting Sales).


Paramount’s C2 Series Craft Lite® luminaires were utilized in seating areas inside the building, CALTRANS District 7 Headquarters



Paramount’s versatile C2 Series Craft Lites® were utilized in various locations throughout the interior, and since this durable luminaire carries a wet location label, it was also used extensively in the exterior courtyard of the headquarters. The designers looked for ways to create light without the fixtures themselves having a presence. Paramount luminaires were placed inside luminous slanted walls that support a trellis around the outside of the plaza, and also placed underneath the benches scattered around the plaza.



Paramount’s C2 Series Craft Lite® luminaires utilized for illuminated seating areas in exterior courtyard, CALTRANS District 7 Headquarters


Paramount’s C2 Series Craft Lite® Luminaire



The key to successful dramatic lighting effect applications is durable, reliable and efficient luminaires. Paramount has over 70 years of lighting experience, and many of the quality luminaires we manufactured in our early years are still in service today! With energy conscious light sources (especially our unique Starduster® LED technology), a 5 Year Product Warranty, outstanding customer service, and products proudly Made in the USA… it’s a winning combination resulting in high customer satisfaction!



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