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Looking for Safe, Sealed & Reliable In-Row luminaires for public transit applications… Paramount has the solutions for all your wet and harsh environments. Popular in Transit and Public areas, our C-Series are offered in widths as narrow as 2 1/8″ for small, restrictive spaces, and up to 12 1/8″ wide for maximum light output. Our popular Starduster® line of LED products offer many shapes and configurations to accentuate the most demanding atmospheres.



These photos are from the CTfastrak rapid transit system servicing Hartford, CT. Rugged Stainless Steel C4 Craft Lites® were utilized In-Row and mounted along the outer perimeter of the stations stylish open canopies. Paramount’s heavy duty C-Series luminaires are UL/CUL listed for Wet Location, enclosed and gasketed lighting products. Craft Lites® are often customized with a myriad of other options to choose from. Labels available include Hazardous, Marine and Food Processing.


Paramount’s C4 Series Craft Lites® utilized at CTfastrak Rapid Transit System, Hartford, CT (click photo for more info)



First introduced in 1947, Craft Lite® luminaires are still current with energy conscious light sources (especially our unique Starduster® LED technology). However, the core ruggedness of these luminaires has never flagged, and many of them manufactured in our early years are still in service today! Exceptional durability provides trouble-free service in tough environments. Backed by a 5 Year Product Warranty, outstanding customer service, and products proudly Made in the USA… it’s a winning combination resulting in high customer satisfaction!


Paramount’s C4 Series Craft Lites® utilized at CTfastrak Rapid Transit System, Hartford, CT (click photo for more info)



The M3 In-Row option designates a specially designed luminaire having unique, integral means of attaching consecutive fixtures. Utilizing aligner pins & plastic grommets, along with a gasketed stainless steel joiner band, this method of attachment achieves the alignment and integrity of a single fixture. Paramount recommends only surface mounting for the In-Row option. C-Series luminaires with the M3 option are manufactured differently than individual units; therefore they are NOT interchangeable in the field.


The -M3 In-Row Joiner Band detail (click for more info)


Components utilized in Paramount’s -M3 In-Row Option for C-Series luminaires (click for more info)



See Paramount’s In-Row sheet for detailed information and with a helpful in-row worksheet calculator




Paramount’s C4 Series Luminaire (click photo for more info)



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