Industrial style luminaires excel in School Lighting…


Wildwood Schools in Los Angeles, California converted a 1940s-era 55,000 square foot warehouse into a learning center with a unique, creative atmosphere. The design features the original wooden posts, beams and truss roof of the building in an open, architecturally exposed environment. The project needed luminaires that were efficient, secure, and fit visually with the overall design.



The popular “Retro” trend creates an opportunity for architects and engineers to utilizing high quality luminaires that might otherwise be considered too industrial for these applications. Paramount sales representative California Lighting Sales recommended Craft Lite® luminaires for ambient lighting in a number of locations within the school. Over the last few years Craft Lite® luminaire have become a popular alternative to other common run-of-the-mill luminaires when illuminating educational facilities.



First introduced in 1947, Craft Lite® luminaires are still current with energy conscious light sources (especially our unique Starduster® LED technology). Popular for many public areas, our C-Series luminaires are offered in widths as narrow as 2 1/8″ for small, restrictive spaces, and up to 12 1/8″ wide for maximum light output. Also available in continuous rows, (see Paramount’s In-Row sheet for detailed information) as well as the contemporary SQUARE-LENS version which provides a crisp, simple shape.



Backed by a 5 Year Product Warranty, outstanding customer service, on-time delivery and products proudly Made in the USA… it’s a winning combination resulting in high customer satisfaction!


Paramount’s C4 Series Luminaire


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