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Caltrans District 7 Headquarters, California

Think of a state office building in downtown Los Angeles as a canvas on which to create significant architectural design. When the California Department of Transportation, or Caltrans, committed to building a replacement headquarters for their 7th district, they gave the canvas to architectural firm Morphosis.

Thom Mayne, who founded Morphosis,recently won the prestigious international Pritzker Prize for architecture. Working with him on the District 7 headquarters was project architect Pavel Getov and project manager Silvia Kuhle. Contracting was handled by the Clark Construction Group.

The Market Street Bridge is a historic landmark spanning the Ohio River, connecting Steubenville, Ohio and Follansbee, West Virginia. It is a steel suspension bridge spanning a length of 1,794 feet and built in 1905. After hearing reports that the bridge might be closing, city councils on both sides of the river got together and petitioned for the bridge to be repaired and beautified.

Work begins in 2010 cleaning and repairing the bridge’s steel structure, applying a penetrant sealer, as well as special calcium sulfonate paint.

Application Photo Gallery

Presenting another addition to our “Weekly Application Photo Gallery”. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse areas Paramount has successfully illuminated. Our quality products, innovative technology, experience and service is second to none.

Application photos for this week are from Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fromerly Nabi Biopharmaceuticals), located in Boca Raton, Florida, They focus on developing vaccines and antibody-based products to prevent and treat infectious and addictive diseases. Paramount’s H9 Series Cube Lites with Sylvania’s ICETRON™ electrode-less fluorescent lamps were used in the freezer storage areas, which are required to maintain a constant -35°F. The low temperature starting capability and long life of the ICETRON™ lamps were a winning combination for the project. The Sales Representative was Power & Lighting Systems in Deerfield Beach (

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Nabi Biopharmaceuticals

Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fromerly Nabi Biopharmaceuticals) is a company focused on developing vaccines and antibody-based products to prevent and treat infectious and addictive diseases, such as staph aureus, hepatitis B and nicotine addiction. One of the manufacturing facilities is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Paramount Industries was prescribed for lighting the additional warehouse freezer space.

The Utica Community Schools, north of Detroit, make up a large suburban public school district, second largest in Michigan. The district maintains a very good relationship with the local communities it serves, and receives a good deal of support in return. In 2001, district officials realized that their 28 elementary school gyms were really serving as multi-purpose rooms, more useful to the community than just phys-ed venues. So they made a commitment to renovating these facilities, including a dramatic overhaul of lighting.

Tampa, Florida has quite a tourist industry. Keeping them moving was a task that resulted in a stylish infrastructure addition.

The HART Line, Tampa’s transit authority, in conjunction with Tampa Electric Company, decided to build a new trolley line to extend from the docks on Tampa Bay to Ybor City. The new TECO line Streetcar system

The new Seattle Central Library, called in some news reports “one of the top 30 buildings in the world,” opened May 2004 to great fanfare. It established a significant new benchmark for sustainable building programs across the country.  Paramount luminaires were behind the scenes for the premier as thousands of first day visitors toured the building.

Sustainable Design Is Key

The new library was designed to stress innovation in sustainability and

Wildwood School needed a new facility in the land-locked Los Angeles district. SPF Architects from Culver City, California actually converted a 1940s-era warehouse into a learning center with a creative atmosphere. The design would feature the original wooden posts, beams and truss roof of the building in an open plan. The project needed luminaires that were efficient, secure, and fit logically with the design. SPF Architects worked with PEI Engineering of Agoura California to light the new 55,000 sq. ft. facility.

Misawa AFB

T5 Fluorescent Technology Flies High For Defense

The United States Air Force stands on the front line of America’s defense around the world. It’s a tough job that requires tough equipment, even for lighting. Paramount Industries made the grade by updating jet fighter shelters with new T5 fluorescent technology.

On Guard In Japan

Misawa Air Base is the Air Force’s northernmost facility in Japan. The base is located in the northeast portion of the main Japanese island of Honshu, approximately 400 miles north of Tokyo. The surrounding area is mostly rural and quite scenic.


Paramount is proud to announce it’s LED Starduster® C1 Series luminaire was listed as one of “Six Durable Industrial Luminaires” in Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Annual Product Issue. This listing can be also be seen on the Architectural Lighting website (HERE) and was included in the handouts to everyone attending LightFair.

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