Tag: Durable Luminaires


Paramount has, since 1947, been a pioneer and innovator in the lighting industry. We have a proud American history in luminaire design aimed at solving the most difficult applications. Our experience and manufacturing flexibility provides the best combination of design, technology and craftsmanship. Paramount’s commitment to providing quality lighting products that not only excel in the environments they are placed in, but are also produced with the highest quality materials available, assuring long life. Many of the quality luminaires we manufactured in our early years are still in service today!



Wikipedia defines Sustainable Lighting as: “lighting designed with energy efficient light sources” and also discusses “design strategies and materials that can facilitate energy saving advantages”. At Paramount, sustainable product design has always been an integral part of our long history, contributing to our quality reputation. Along with the cost savings realized from a long-term product investment, luminaires designed and built for longevity helps maintain a lower environmental impact.