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Paramount is excited to announce our VR Series luminaires. These Vandal Resistant luminaires are ideal for a variety of public applications where moisture or abuse may be present. The VR Series are offered in either round or square profiles with 10, 13 or 14 inch sizes. Several different lens and frame configurations will accentuate distinctive atmospheres and excel in the most demanding situations.


Paramount’s Q3 Series Starduster® LED luminaire is the ultimate solution for wet, harsh environments! Designed and engineered with a compact 3″ diameter, impact modified acrylic tube (optional polycarbonate available) and heavy-duty stainless steel end caps. The Q3 Series is IP65 Rated, as well as IP67 Rated (fixture is tested submerged under water for 30 minutes). This small luminaire is suitable for a wide range of space restrictive applications where moisture and dust are present, and is also available for NSF Food Processing (Splash Zone) areas.

IP Code (Ingress Protection)
International Standard CEI/IEC 529

The International Electrotechnical Commission established the IP Code to normalize degrees of protection provided by electrical enclosures, including luminaires. The classification system covers both foreign bodies, including dust (indicated by the first digit in the two digit code), and moisture (indicated by the second digit).