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Application Photo Gallery

Presenting another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery” featuring Booth Lighting. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse applications Paramount has successful illuminated over many years.


One of Paramount’s early company logos.


Paramount’s first Craft Lite® lens was fabricated by B.R. Bailey, the company founder, in the family kitchen in January, 1947. Craft Lites® were marketed by Floodlight Service, Inc. of Flint, Michigan until Paramount Industries was incorporated in 1949. Our Croswell, Michigan manufacturing plant was added in 1960. The company relocated entirely to the Croswell location in the late 1970s, settling in the thumb area near the blue water of Lake Huron.

Paramount has, for over 70 years, been an innovator in the lighting industry. We were the first to design and manufacture industrial lighting luminaires to be installed in the floors and assembly line pits of the automotive plants. We created the first parabolic louvered luminaires in 1958. Paramount was the first manufacturer to address the problems of veiling reflections in radar screens with a luminaire designed for FAA Control Centers in 1959.

Our industry traditionally approached Booth Lighting by pumping out large quantities of ambient light, achieving only adequate levels at the task surface. Failing to control light wastes energy. But if it were directed to the task, less energy would be required.

Paramount’s Front Access FA Series Booth Lites | Fiat Chrysler LLC | Michigan