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Presenting another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery” featuring Food Processing lighting. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse areas Paramount has successfully illuminated. Contact us for solutions to your lighting projects.

The NSF mark is widely recognized in Food Processing

Paramount offers a wide variety of food processing luminaires that meet or exceed the most stringent National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements. These offerings include LED, Fluorescent and HID light sources.

Tyson Foods | Fresno, CA | Poultry Processing Facility | Paramount’s L Series luminaires


NSF International is known for its role in developing standards and criteria for equipment products and services that bear upon health. The NSF mark is widely recognized, and signifies that the article to which it is affixed is certified to comply with applicable standards. NSF conducts research, tests and evaluates equipment products for compliance with their standards and criteria, granting and controlling the use of the NSF marking.

When it comes to serving some of the best French and Japanese dishes in Los Angeles, proper lighting is of utmost importance. As you step foot inside of CHAYA, you will notice the modern and chic subtleties that are prevalent throughout the room. You help yourself to one of the twelve seats available at the sushi bar and watch as the CHAYA chefs prepare the best sushi you have ever had. You then decide to order an entrée and ask not what is good, but what is the best?