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Paramount has vast experience in luminaire design and a history of proven reliability in Commercial applications. We offer high quality LED, Fluorescent or HID luminaires to meet the unique lighting challenges of these demanding public environments. Our luminaires feature high product integrity and promote a positive business image, as well as encouraging a welcome, safe environment.

Seattle Central Library | Seattle, WA | Public Stairway Illumination | C0 & C2 Series Craft Lites® (click photo for more info)



Application Photo Gallery

Presenting another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery” featuring Starduster® LED luminaires utilized in Retail Lighting. We hope you are enjoying the series and learning more about the variety of successful applications Paramount has illuminated. Contact us for high performance solutions to your lighting needs.

 These photos are from a 250,000 square foot Scheels Sporting Goods store. This mega-store has been described as the “Disneyland of sporting goods” featuring over 90 specialty shops, an indoor 65 foot Ferris wheel, 16,000 gallon salt water aquarium, a mini bowling alley and archery lanes to name a few.

Scheels Sporting Goods 65 foot Ferris wheel