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Application Photo Gallery

Presenting another addition to our “Application Photo Gallery” featuring Educational Lighting. We hope you are learning and discovering more about the variety and diverse areas Paramount has successfully illuminated. Contact us for solutions to your lighting projects.

This photo is from Wildwood Schools in California, where a new facility in the land-locked Los Angeles district was needed. This project involved converting a 1940s-era warehouse into a learning center with a creative atmosphere. The lighting was specified by California Lighting Sales in Irwindale, CA. Paramount’s C4 Series Craft Lites® were utilized and placed vertically in the hallways, and horizontally above doorways to complete the “Industrial Look” theme. The Architect firm was SPF Architects from Culver City.

The Utica Community Schools, north of Detroit, make up a large suburban public school district, second largest in Michigan. The district maintains a very good relationship with the local communities it serves, and receives a good deal of support in return. In 2001, district officials realized that their 28 elementary school gyms were really serving as multi-purpose rooms, more useful to the community than just phys-ed venues. So they made a commitment to renovating these facilities, including a dramatic overhaul of lighting.