Commercial & Industrial Lighting Applications

Paramount’s lighting products have been utilized at automotive manufacturing facilities, bridges and tunnels, chemical facilities, cleanrooms, universities, food processing facilities, grocery stores, museums, hospitals, and more.

General Purpose Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Commercial & Industrial lighting is our specialty! Paramount has the LED, fluorescent, or HID luminaires for your application. Every unit features high product integrity, plus the advantages of our experience and custom design.

Built-In Ruggedness

Start with heavy gauge electro-galvanized zinc coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection. Add quality craftsmanship: welding, painting, sealing (on wet location listed models) and assembly. Add energy-efficient lamps and ballasts. On top of all that, our products are proudly made in the USA.

Paramount began designing and building industrial lighting fixtures in 1947, with our first Craft Lite® enclosed and gasketed unit. We built some of the first assembly line floor and pit lights for the automotive industry. Later, our T5 fluorescent industrial troffer was one of the first in North America. Our products have changed with the needs of industry, but our commitment to quality is as durable as our product. Learn more about the history of Paramount Industries.


Paramount's high performance lighting is designed to excel in your most demanding situations. You'll find our quality commercial and industrial products in:

  • Automotive Assembly
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Distribution and Warehouses
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Natatoriums
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Big Box Retail

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Wet Location Lighting

Paramount’s largest selection of luminaires are UL Listed for Wet Locations. According to the NEC, luminaires marked “Suitable for Wet Locations” are for installation underground, in concrete slabs or masonry, subjected to water spray (such as vehicle washing areas) or subjected to rain. Paramount lighting products have been subjected to UL’s rain test and/or sprinkler test to determine that they are suitable for use in wet locations.

An ordinary wet location luminaire is constructed so water is prevented from accumulating on live parts, electric components or conductors. Luminaires that allow water to enter must provide drain holes to prevent accumulation. Rating systems, such as the IP Code (for Ingress Protection) classify degrees of protection from moisture.

We also continue to improve and expand our products. A number of our luminaires now carry IP ratings, and the list is growing. For more information on wet locations and IP ratings, see the technical information found here.

Mounting orientation is very critical when installing a luminaire in a wet environment. Even though most of Paramount’s luminaires are designed for covered ceiling installations, modified designs are available for alternate mounting orientations. Choose from LED, fluorescent, or HID light sources, with surface, flange or grid mounting. Customized luminaires are also available.

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Cleanroom Lighting

Paramount’s cleanroom luminaires are designed and built to the most exacting standards, for high illumination with integrity. Many are also NSF Certified with an unyielding shield against contamination! Our offering includes both LED and fluorescent lighting solutions.


Today, bio-safety (the safe handling of biologically active materials) is increasingly a concern of the industry. The biggest difference between these environments (whether clinical, diagnostic, or for research) and standard cleanrooms is a negative air pressure containment scenario to prevent the spread of pathogens. Different areas are broken down into zones, called biosafety levels, depending on the level of infection risk involved.

Most biosafety work is done in task-appropriate cabinets within cleanrooms. But higher safety levels require lighting that can be decontaminated. Our Techniseal® surface and flange mounted troffers will work well in the most hazardous biosafety environments, including safety levels BL-3 and BL-4.

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AeroLux® and Minilux® surface luminaires:

  • Tear-drop design for laminar airflow cleanrooms
  • Classes 10-100,000 (ISO Classes 4-9)
  • Highly efficient light control lens minimizes light on the ceiling
  • Innovative lens mounting eases lamp and ballast servicing

Techniseal® Troffers:

  • Classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9)
  • Totally sealed luminaires, IP-65 rated versions available
  • Extruded aluminum or one-piece stainless steel lens frames
  • Gel-type grid system models available
  • High efficiency Flow-Thru units suitable for most HEPA or ULPA filters (Classes 10-100,000; ISO Classes 4-9)
  • Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating available.

Techniseal® Surgical Suite Illumination:

  • Classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9)
  • Asymmetric and Symmetrical distribution lens
  • Radio frequency interference shielding available
  • Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating available.

For additional information, View Cleanroom Details.

Hazardous Location Lighting

We manufacture luminaires for specific hazardous locations. These Paramount models are constructed with heavy-duty materials and sealants to insure high integrity. The National Electric Code outlines requirements for luminaires where combustible or explosive hazards may exist. Locations are classified by the properties of the flammable materials and the degree of hazard.

Paramount offers luminaires suitable for:

  • Class I, Division 2
  • Class II, Division 2
  • Class III

For additional information, see our Hazardous Location Definitions.

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Paint Booth Lighting

Our industry traditionally approached paint booth lighting by pumping out large quantities of ambient light, achieving only adequate levels at the task surface. Failing to control light wastes energy. However, if the luminaire were directed to the task, less energy would be required. Many companies are “retro-fitting” existing luminaires to reduce energy. Replacing old VHO lamps and magnetic ballasts with more efficient T8/HO lamp and electronic ballast combinations does achieve energy savings, and may provide adequate light levels. However, this is not the optimum solution— undirected light is still wasting energy.

We worked closely with automobile manufacturers to develop luminaires that direct light where it is needed most, while maximizing efficiency potential. This reduces consumption without jeopardizing the quantity and quality of light on the task. The key is an adjustable specular reflector system with each lamp. This innovation allows the same unit to be used in various locations, eliminating multiple luminaires for multiple tasks. It also simplifies selecting the appropriate luminaire for your booth application. Several models have this reflector system available.

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  • Front Access models
  • Rear Access models
  • Standard Fixed Reflector and Optional Adjustable Specular Reflector System (only available on some models)
  • UL Listed for use in paint spray booths
  • UL 844 Listed for Class I, Div. 2 and Class II, Div. 2
  • Silicone-free construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Stainless steel mounting flange, custom flange available

For additional information, View Booth Lighting Details.

Food Processing Lighting

Paramount offers a wide variety of food processing lighting solutions that meet or exceed the most stringent National Sanitation Foundation requirements. NSF International has categories established for sanitation requirements of equipment and/or devices used in storing, preparing or handling of food or beverages. (Food is defined by NSF as any substance intended for human consumption). Paramount offers LED, fluorescent and HID light sources.

Typical Applications

  • Meat processing facilities
  • Packaged goods food processing
  • Institutional kitchens
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Cafeterias

For additional information, View Food Processing Lighting Details.

NSF Food Processing Categories

  • Food Zone
  • Heated Food Zone
  • Splash Zone
  • Non-Food Zone

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Marine Lighting

Paramount has been a leading supplier of lighting for the marine industry for over 50 years thanks to our quality products, innovative technologies, experience and service. Our luminaires can be found in service on waterways throughout the world.

Whether surface-mount, like our popular Craft Lite® models, or flange-mount, every Paramount product receives the same high level of finish to enhance appearance. All luminaires are corrosion-resistant, and most are also available in stainless steel.


Our low profile luminaires are ideal for marine use because they allow for more passageway clearance. Not only do we design our products with weight in mind, but we also utilize electronic technologies to improve efficiency and reliability. Less weight and higher efficiency contribute to fuel savings aboard ship.

Marine Technical Information

Luminaires for installation on marine vessels utilizing grounded systems in accordance with the United States Coast Guard Electrical Engineering Regulations 46CRF, parts 110-113, National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 and the Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard, IEEE 45 are outlined below:

Inside Type Luminaire:
Intended for use on a marine vessel in an inside dry or damp location. (Use R prefix)

Inside Drip-proof Type Luminaire:
Intended for use on a marine vessel in an inside damp or wet location and subjected to oil or water drippage. (Use M prefix)


Paramount's high performance lighting is designed to excel in your most demanding marine situations. Find our quality products in:

  • Freighters
  • Ships
  • Tugs
  • Ferries
  • Docks
  • Military Vessels
  • Oil Platforms

In those settings, our products are utilized for:

  • Wheelhouses
  • Passenger Decks
  • Holds
  • Passageways
  • Engine Rooms
  • Maintenance facilities

Transit Lighting

Paramount's quality lighting has been used by the transportation industry for over 60 years. Our LED, fluorescent and HID Wet Location luminaires are used by many public mass transportation authorities. Modification for transportation power systems is standard for us.

Much of our custom design work is for transit lighting as well. We continuously incorporate new technologies to add efficiency and value, including interfacing with today’s “Smart Building” automation.


Paramount's high performance lighting is designed to excel in your most demanding mass transit situations. You'll find our quality products in:

  • Airports
  • Subways
  • Rail and Bus Systems
  • Ferries
  • Causeways and Marine Areas

In these settings, our products are utilized for:

  • Station Platforms
  • Passenger Terminals
  • Escalators, Corridors and Lobbies
  • Passenger Drop-off Areas
  • Parking Decks
  • Tunnels
  • Maintenance facilities

Our experience and capabilities enable architects and designers to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s lighting challenges. Count on Paramount for the information and service you need, plus on-time delivery and dependability.

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Medical/Healthcare Lighting

Paramount offers a wide variety of LED and fluorescent lighting options pertaining to Healthcare and Medical applications.

For hospital surgical suite applications, we offer our Techniseal® Flange/Grid troffers with acrylic radio frequency interference shielding lenses. This lens is specifically designed for supplemental surgical suite lighting that provides an asymmetrical distribution which directs maximum candle power to the surgical site area with typical luminaire layouts. This also allows for areas surrounding the surgical site to be generously illuminated.

Specialized Environment Lighting Video

Our Techniseal® troffers are totally sealed with an IP-65 rated version available, with cleanliness classes 100-100,000 (ISO Classes 5-9) suitable for most HEPA or ULPA filters. As an added plus we also offer Guardcraft® Antimicrobial coating which can be applied to our luminaires for added protection from contaminants in Cleanroom, Medical or other applications.

Use of the Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating with nano silver technology kills over 99% of common microbes protecting the product from fungal damage and odor-causing bacteria. Silver nanoparticles approximately 1000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair are evenly dispersed throughout the coating to provide long term protection.

Paramount has provided lighting for hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, Doctor’s offices, and laboratories that require all different types of UL classifications and labeling. From simple entryway, cafeteria or surgical suite lighting, Paramount offers a wide variety of fluorescent and LED models to complete a successful application.

Educational Lighting

The lighting used in schools, colleges and Universities is as diverse as the learning centers are themselves. Paramount has supplied luminaires for many different areas within this category over the years. LED and fluorescent luminaires are available. Inside the basic classrooms we offer a large range of surface and recessed troffers to accommodate the customers’ needs. These same luminaires have been used in hallways, dormitories and entryways.

When it’s necessary to light an outdoor overhang at an entrance, our Craft Lite® and Starduster® C-Series accomplish the task. These are wet location luminaires and are capable of withstanding the changing conditions that weather delivers. Many luminaires offered by Paramount qualify for use in restrooms and locker rooms. You will also be able to find lighting suitable for gymnasiums and pool areas.

Paramount does offer many products with NSF labels for kitchens, food preparation areas and dining halls.

All in all, you can find a Paramount luminaire in many different places in an educational facility, all you need to do is look up.

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Sports/Recreational Lighting

Lighting for sports arenas, water parks, gymnasiums or any other type of recreational facility should enhance the overall participants encounter, but also be reliable and of durable construction. At Paramount we offer standard, energy efficient high quality lighting products utilizing LED, fluorescent or HID technology; with the option to create a customized luminaire for your specific application.

Our Craft Lite® series is our most popular because of its heavy-duty enclosed and gasketed construction.

Stadium Lighting Video

There are several lens options to choose from depending on what your application requires. The “C” series also offers an “in-row” option free of charge. The Starduster® “C” series is the same construction offered in LED.

Other luminaires available specifically for this application are the Y2/Y4 Gymnasium Lite series, and Y6-Recreation Lite. All are UL Listed and covered under Paramount’s 5 year limited warranty.

Custom Luminaires

Custom luminaires enhance the individual quality of the areas they light. Our custom units meet the design challenges and generate high levels of illumination.

Contemporary designers are using Paramount to achieve dramatic lighting effects. We have the engineering expertise, the experience, the equipment and the manufacturing flexibility to fabricate unique products. We can create “one-of-a-kind” luminaires or produce short runs. You get the best combination of design, technology and craftsmanship. Light sources include LED, fluorescent and HID.


Paramount puts everything at your service:

  • Utilizing light sources which incorporate the latest technologies
  • Working with a variety of materials, including heavy gauge electro-galvanized zinc coated steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Punching, bending, or forming with computerized equipment
  • Painting, anodizing, and custom finishing
  • Welding of all types
  • A variety of available lens materials and forming methods
  • Custom reflector design and materials
  • Integrating a variety of electronic components
  • Custom mounting means
  • Generating photometric reports and other electronic data

For more information, view Custom Luminaires PDF.

Innovation = Design + Technology

Use our customizing abilities to ensure the luminaire you order is right for your project. We continuously incorporate new technologies to add efficiency and value. Paramount's high performance lighting is designed to excel in your most demanding situations. You'll find our custom luminaires in a variety of settings, including all our usual applications, plus many architectural uses.

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