At Paramount Industries, we have photometric data for every one of our products. On individual product listings, you will find links for material downloads. The data is available as a viewable/printable PDF file and/or as a raw IES text format file for use in lighting design programs. Below we have links to download the complete library in a compressed zip format.

Note: Most products have more than one photometric file available. There can be up to 20 variations; all created with specific lens and reflector options.

For products that have identical or essentially similar photometric characteristics as items that do have existing files, you can find those noted on the cross-reference chart below.

For additional technical questions, email our engineering department:

Model Series: Same Photometry As:
F3 F1
F4 F2
F5-V5 F8
G0 G1
G3 G1
G4 G2
G5-V9 S8
G8-V8 S8
G9 G2
H8 F8
L4 L8
L5 L8
L9 L8