2x Surgical Flange Techniseal® Troffer

F7 Series 2x Surgical Flange Techniseal® Troffer

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• Durable, flange mounted fluorescent troffer
• 20GA zinc coated steel housing for unmatched corrosion protection
• Stainless steel options available
• .150 extruded acrylic asymmetric/symmetric lens, with RFI shielding.
• Complies with applicable government RFI specs MIL-STD-461A, MIL-STD-462, MIL-STD-463
• Guardcraft® antimicrobial coating available
• Two welded, tapered, threaded flanges on the top provide a sealed wire access
• Premium programmed rapid start ballasts are standard

Height - 4 5/8"
Width - 23 7/8"